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Day of Provocation
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day of provocation
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11: the exhibition
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11: the exhibition

Please join us at the John Curtin Gallery for the closing event
on 11 November at 12:45pm
as part of the Humanities day of provocation

Exhibition Dates: 24 October - 11 November
John Curtin Gallery, Building 200, Curtin University of Technology
Kent St, Bentley, Open Monday - Friday, 12 - 5pm

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about 11

This exhibition is a part of a second semester theory unit for postgraduate diploma students in the Department of Art in which they are required to participate in and curate an exhibition. The aim of this project is to give the students an opportunity to develop skills in curatorial practice as well as further their abilities in writing for the visual arts.

The title 11 has been chosen since the last day of the exhibition, the 11th of November, coincides with the annual Humanities Postgraduate Research Conference, day of provocation. In keeping with this day, the students believe that art provides a unique vehicle for provoking thought and challenging ideas. Together they decided the title offered them the freedom to pursue their own research interests, yet it was also definitive enough to distinguish them as a collective group. By coincidence, the group also met at 11 every Monday for their theory classes.

The five exhibitors, Alison Johnson, Danielle Steele, Eunjeong Jeon, Fong-Yeng Soon and Katrine Borgenvik, have explored the concept of eleven from various perspectives. For some it has deep symbolic meaning derived from their research into metaphysics and numerology, while for others the visual appearance of the number has been a springboard for their investigations.

Through these works they have embraced the ethos of the day of provocation by challenging themselves and viewers to image other ways of seeing the world around us.

Artwork from 11    Artwork from 11    Artwork from 11