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Day of Provocation
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day of provocation
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11: the exhibition
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The Day of Provocation workshop flyer may be downloaded in pdf format from this site.

flyer text

we imagine a day

an environment within which HDR and Honours students from across the Division (and outside) can spend a day together, discussing, creating, reinventing, shifting their thinking about their research, questioning what they do and how they do it, contesting boundaries, plunging into hitherto unfamiliar discourses, talking and listening across the disciplines about all the big questions...

we imagine having

film/tv students talking with designers and ethnographers - historians with social workers and poets - painters with geographers and architects - education students with Indigenous researchers with photographers - cultural studies and electronic arts and politics, architects and internet theorists and creative writers...

we imagine thinking

about the verbal and the visual, the senses and the images, how they are enmeshed/separated/contested, how their interactions might be decoded, how different approaches can open up our thinking and our responses...

we imagine objectives

  • to employ this as a research training exercise
  • to enable mentoring within groups
  • to enable team building/networking skills to be developed
  • to cross the boundaries
  • to challenge assumptions and preconceptions

November 11, 2005


     Support for the factories occupied for the victory of the people

Support for the factories occupied for the victory of the people 
Artist: unidentified, 1968 
Frank da Cruz, Columbia University