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Day of Provocation
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day of provocation
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imagining the day

The fetishism of the commodity - the domination of society by "intangible as well as tangible things" - attains its ultimate fulfillment in the spectacle, where the real world is replaced by a selection of images which are projected above it, yet which at the same time succeed in making themselves regarded as the epitome of reality.
Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle (1967),
transl. Ken Knabb (2002)

We imagine that the day of provocation will be processual, that it will be about being discursive and open - that outcomes will be varied and not predictable in advance. We imagine that for a day we can reinvent ourselves, our environment, our thinking, our feelings, that we can "listen otherwise".

We imagine that you might find a way to narrate the memories of group members about a particular topic, you might write a sonnet about a storm, you might revisualise the university, you might make a huge political statement or find a way to explore bodies in a piece of sculpture, you might photograph the details of the doors of the university's buildings, you might write and draw the narrative of your day of provocation....

In the final session, the plenary, be prepared to show and tell - your discussions, your disagreements, your epiphanies, your productions.

We will photograph, video, scan, upload, a final version from all the groups and put this on the workshop's website. After the workshop we will use the website to open up a participants' blog: we imagine crossing publication boundaries, beginning with blogging and moving into hardcopy with a fully refereed publication, authored by groups and individuals, edited by students, in the tradition of the annual conference volume from the Curtin Humanities Postgraduate Conference of which this workshop is the 2005 manifestation.


     Culture is Dead - Artist: Jean Degottex, 1968

Culture is dead 
Artist: Jean Degottex, 1968 
Victoria University Library, Toronto, Canada