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Day of Provocation
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small group sessions
topics of provocation

topics of provocation

We have chosen a series of topic areas which we think offer much provocative multi-vocal potential for the workshop. We imagine that a topic such as "place" might spawn an exploration of a single garden area on the Curtin campus, or of women reclaiming gendered urban spaces, perhaps of the ways in which memory is evoked by place, perhaps of cross-cultural elements of a sense of place... "Resistance" might evoke historical or contemporary political struggles, the current situation for Australian universities or the politics of being a fashionista, while "borders" might send your mind spinning between performances of the body, Indigenous histories, asylum-seekers....

Although each group will work only on a single topic throughout the day, could you please choose three topics in order of preference, and indicate these on your registration form.

    bodies   space place
 vulnerabilities  assumptions 
paths memories and silences   
      culture/s emotions
  ethics frames 
hyper realities    HIV/AIDS
     virtual worlds  
 resistance    cartographies


     The Wall

The Wall 
Artist: unidentified, 1968 
Victoria University Library, Toronto, Canada